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    G DATA Internet Security with Antivirus and exploit protection! Security against viruses, spyware, hackers and malware.



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    Use G DATA Total Protection for maximum security against spyware, Trojans, spam and other malware! The all-round, worry-free package including a powerful firewall and active exploit protection.


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    Convince yourself now of G DATA Antivirus with exploit protection! The best protection against viruses, Trojans, phishing and other malware.



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    G DATA Internet Security for Android offers comprehensive protection against malware, intrusive apps and phishing attacks. Locate lost devices or wipe their content remotely to prevent unauthorized access.


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    G DATA AntiVirus for Mac offers special protection against viruses and phishing attempts for your Mac running OS X®. Not only does it proactively protect against Mac viruses, it also provides additional protection for your Windows PCs that are connected to your network. Integrated phishing protection also blocks websites that try to spy on data.


    Try 30 days without costs

  •  AVCleaner (394,50 KB)

    You need this tool to completely uninstall your G DATA security solution (e.g. to reinstall it). AntiVirus Cleaner deletes from your system all remains of the program which were not removed by a simple uninstall.

     G DATA BootMedium (262,19 MB)

    The G DATA boot medium is a practical aid for detecting viruses that have already embedded themselves on your computer prior to installing the antivirus software. In the current version the boot medium is also capable of restoring all backups created with G DATA solutions (only available in the TOTAL PROTECTION solution).
    The download file is an ISO file, i.e. it must either be burnt to a CD/DVD or be mounted via a virtual drive so it can be used from a USB stick for example.
    You can download the boot medium in the “Tools” download area.

     G DATA LNK-Checker (4,35 MB)

    With this tool, G DATA addresses the serious security flaw regarding shortcuts in Microsoft Windows products. The program prevents the automatic execution of malicious code upon the display of primed shortcuts. After the installation, it monitors the creation of shortcut icons. The “G DATA LNK Checker” functions independently from an installed security suite and supplements it with a generic detection. Regular desktop icons with usual and harmless mechanisms are displayed as usual. But if a malicious mechanism is detected, a red warning signal icon is displayed.

    Attention: A double-click on a file that “G DATA LNK Checker” marked as dangerous activates the execution all the same. At this point, a good security suite is needed.

    More information


    The USB KEYBOARD GUARD is an add-on that protects you from the most likely form of USB attack – USB devices pretending to be keyboards. If a new keyboard is detected by the system, access is initially denied and a pop-up is displayed. You can then check in your own time whether this really is a keyboard, and either grant or deny access permanently. You can download the software for free.

     MonActivityCS (473,99 KB)

    The MonActivity tool allows you to monitor the activity of the AVK-guard in the background. This can be helpful to analyse performance problems. You can e.g. run this tool in real time during “normal” activity of the computer and then try to reproduce the problem. Or you can run it for half an hour with the hitlist function and then refresh the view to see if a specific process pops up all the time. Defining an exception for a specific type of files might solve the problem in that case.

     Quarantine Generation 2011 (145,14 KB)

    Diese Version ist geeignet für G DATA Sicherheitslösungen der Generation 2011 oder höher.

    Dieses Tool erlaubt Ihnen den Zugriff auf Dateien, die sich in Quarantäne befinden. Die Dateien haben die Erweiterung *.q und befinden sich auf Clients im Ordner “C:\Programme\Common files\G DATA\AVKScanner\QBase” oder auf Servern unter “C:\Programme\G DATA\AVK ManagementServer\QBase”. So können Sie zum Beispiel infizierte Mail-Archive in einen neuen Ordner kopieren und weiter damit arbeiten.

     Quarantine for older versions (118,56 KB)

    This version is for G DATA products generation 2010 and lower.

    This tool allows you to work with files that have been placed in quarantine. These quarantined files have the extension *.q and can be found on the client in the folder “C:\Program files\Common files\G DATA\AVKScanner\QBase” or on the server in “C:\Program files\G DATA\AVK ManagementServer\QBase”. This will allow you e.g. to put infected mail archives into a new folder and continue working.

     G DATA FakeAVCleaner “System Tool” (91,99 KB)

    The G DATA FakeAVCleaner “System Tool” removes FakeAV of the “System Tool” type and related types.

    Attention: The G DATA FakeAVCleaner “System Tool” has to be executed with the Windows user account that is infected.
    As the FakeAV “System Tool” shuts down all user initiated programs which do not have any kind of ‘reserved’ name, like explorer.exe, winlogon.exe or svchost.exe and many more, the file name for the G DATA FakeAVCleaner is svchost.exe

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