Simple and secure: comprehensive data security for small companies


G DATA SmallBusiness Security has been especially designed for the needs of small companies. All protection functions such as AntiVirus, firewall or MailSecurity work completely maintenance free in the background, so you can concentrate on your core business.


The three additional G DATA InternetSecurity licenses provide complete protection for computers that are not connected to your company network!G DATA InternetSecurity 2013 offers the best possible instant protection against viruses, hackers, spam and all Internet threats through the use of modern technology. The integrated parental controls will protect your children from harmful web sites.The protection is easily configured, runs in the background and doesn’t slow your system down.

  • Test Winning Technology

    • Unsurpassed protection against viruses, Trojans, spam, phishing, spyware etc.
    • Highest virus detection by using two virus scanning engines.
    • Modern methods for detecting unknown viruses (behaviour blocking, heuristic,cloud security)
    • Optimal PC performance due to finger-printing and whitelisting


    Simple Operation

    • Straightforward installation and operation even without IT knowledge
    • Remote installation, configuration, virus scans and updates across the network
    • PC protection runs invisibly in the background


    Maintenance free

    • Once installed, protection functions completely automatically


    Web Protection

    • Protects against malware on the Internet e.g. Banking Trojans
    • Blocks dangerous websites in real-time


    Mail Protecion

    • Locally on the PC for MS Outlook, POP3 and IMAP mail accounts
    • Central protection for MS Exchange or mail server independent gateway (POP3 / SMTP)


    Intelligent Firewall

    • Block hacker attacks without irritating queries


    Automatic Backups

    • Automatically saves local data on the network
  • The ideal tool for modern high performance networks. No matter whether mobile or stationary, all clients can be centrally controlled and receive the best possible protection without loss of performance. An award winning client/server based virus solution that protects the complete network quickly and efficiently along with simplest operation and an optimal overview.

    G DATA AntiVirus Client

    • Client protection that runs invisibly for users in the background
    • Add-In for Outlook 2010 for the detection of viruses and spam mails
    • E-Mail virus blocker for POP3 and IMAP
    • Full functionality in off-site operation
    • Full integration of Linux clients

    G DATA ManagementServer

    • Active Directory connection for importing existing group structures and automatic client installation.
    • Import of PCs from foreign domains
    • Dashboard for all relevant information (Report status, Top-Ten infected clients etc.)
    • Remote installation, virus scans, updates, configuration and reporting across the network (LAN/WAN)
    • MobileManagement: centralized management for Android™ based devices: Get virus reports and any device’s security status
    • Server cascading and failover
    • G DATA BankGuard Technology (pat. pend.) secures your online financial transactions

    G DATA Firewall Client

    • Simple firewall view
    • 100% central administration
    • Autopilot or central rule-sets
    • Simple creation of rules per dialogue, assistant or from reports
    • Lists blocked applications
    • Optional offsite configuration for Notebooks

    G DATA AntiSpam Client

    • Client based spam protection-OutbreakShield
    • Frequently awarded real-time spam protection

    Test winning technologie

    • DoubleScan technology for highest virus detection
    • Self learning fingerprinting and whitelisting without affecting PC performance
    • Modern methods for detecting unknown viruses(behaviour blocking, heuristic, cloud security)
    • G DATA Security Client / G DATA ManagementServer (32 Bit / 64 Bit): Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP (32 Bit) / Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012, 1 GB RAM
    • G DATA MailSecurity (32 Bit / 64 Bit): Windows 7 / Vista / XP (nur 32 Bit) / Server 2003 / 2008
    • G DATA MailSecurity (MS Exchange Plugin) / (64 Bit): Microsoft Exchange 2007 / 2010
    • G DATA InternetSecurity 2013 (32 Bit / 64 Bit without network or backup function): Windows 8 / 7 / Vista, min. 1 GB RAM  (32 Bit); Windows XP (SP2 or above), min. 512 MB RAM
    • DVD-ROM drive